ONE REASON why here this public figure,

“Because I precisely and definitively express what you know, recognize, feel, believe, think, accept, imagine, hope, fear, desire/dreams, acknowledge, and/or have experienced as a life truth.”

14th of May 2018 02:00 AM


Life doesn't give us purpose. We give our life purpose to keep it goings.

Keep rising no matter what you're facing in life, be like an Superhero & Save yourself from falling into deep depression, regression & emotional.

You, yourself matter most.
Save yourself by not letting it sail without direction.

Find your living purpose, passion, belief, goal & dream to achieve with.

The answer is just 1 step-away from your heart: Decide Now!

#YouMatter #BelieveYourself #BeYourself #ChallengeYourself #BeatYourself #BeHero #YouKnowBetterThanOthers #EveryoneIsSuperhero #BeWhateverYouBelieve #LiveYourOwnWay #ManifestYourDestiny #Superhero

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8th of May 2018 03:39 AM


"Give a Damn"

YES! You #ALL should watch this!
Its the right way how to re-calculate your #wealth to instantly become rich.

7th of May 2018 02:00 AM


Live Life to its fullest. No one know their life’s gauge status. You can wait, but Time don’t.”

We tend to find some acceptable excuses such; commitment, responsibility, importance etc.

Do life’s time care? Do fate care? Do destiny care? Can you reclaim back after life?

*Think about it...
"Remember, life's inspector don't exist. Life's inspection ONLY done by yourself after you checkout from this lifetime. And its unclaimable." - #JackieTiew

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4th of May 2018 02:00 AM


Get things right;
"It's not about how great you are, it's how great you position yourself in this lifetime. Collaboration, not Destroying."

"If you plan to go faster, Be Lone Ranger. But, if you're looking for long-term go with the group humbling."
#NothingIsImpossible #FastMeanAnything #LiveLifeGreat #JackieTiew

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30th of April 2018 02:00 AM


I will lose the angels if I get rid of the demons within me.

Seeing Light within the Dark is how we sometimes learn things. Positivity within the Negativity. Falling then Rising. Depression within Expectation vs Reality.

Humanity evolved according to experiences & obstacles they face in life.

There is no wrong hiding the truth behind the smile. Because, they don't wear & walked in our shoe.

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