With CarLab Malaysia, I am confident that I can change people’s lives. It all started, however, in the small town of Taman Pantai Lok Kawi.

Born in a small town called Taman Pantai Lok Kawi, I relocated with my family to Bandau in 1993 when I was in grade 5, going on to graduate from secondary school at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Keningau, Sabah, as an Electronic Trainee. Then in 2000, I was offered a spot at an IT college, so I moved to Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, where I have remained ever since.

Over the years, I have worked in a range of positions and environments, everything from tech work to service to sales. I have also worked at a US advertising company and at a gold trading company, accruing valuable experience in web production and data analysis along the way. Over the last five years, though, I have turned my attentions completely to the world of marketing, setting my sights on a career as an online and offline multi-task marketer. Accustomed to multi-tasking, I am well-suited to this role. Plus, given my entrepreneurial flare, it seems to fit me exceptionally well.

Between 2013 and 2015, I attended seminars to learn about marketing while also teaching internet lessons at the same time networking with others in the business. I ended up at a vacation company in early 2014, and in early 2015, my team and I registered yet another company, this one selling eBooks online. Not one to let momentum pass me by, I launched a third company, this one an app for long-term earning and investing.

For personal reasons, I left, claiming my independence and offering my services as an IT Consultant in October 2015. This was the right decision for me, and in 2017, I partnered as a IT Consultant with three directors on a new venture. After I realized that venture did not have the momentum to raise, though, I started from scratch, strategizing for the launch of CarLab Malaysia Sdn Bhd on 31st of May 2018. We are offering car services right to your doorstep. Along with two freelancers who believe in my dreams, one in sales and one in design, I am charting a road dotted with innovation and service through CarLab Malaysia!

CarLab saves time and money by focusing on the customer. We are unifying multiple services into one and guiding them toward better service right to your doorstep. Never again will you groan at the thought of everything you need to do to maintain your car. It’s all in a single step, easy as can be!

An ordinary family man, I am a father of one newborn baby. I have racked up more than RM 200,000 in debt, and it has been a struggle for me to keep up with my finances. At 37 years old, however, I am more optimistic than ever about my ideas and what they hold for the future.

CarLab Malaysia represents the culmination of many dreams for me, and I am excited to watch it grow. To be a part of this growth, you can join our team too. Contact me today to learn more about this CarLab’s concept.

Contact: jackietiew@carlab.my+6012 302 1687
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