Thinking of Giving Up on Your Hard Life?

Friends; Get the Point Right and I Give the ONE-STOP Solution at the end.

Who am I?

Before that, I would like to know;

  1. Is DEBT a Big Obstacle in Life?
  2. How about Credit Card?
  3. How about NO Education background?
  4. How about Can’t Afford to buy a meal?
  5. And, how about with just ONE Roti Kosong each day to cover daily meals for 2 years?
  6. Or has no penny to take public transport and walked 2 km just to back home every single night after worked for 1 year?
  7. And been kicked-out from a college due to No Cash to pay education fees, 12 years later a education loan program center called and said you owed them 13,000? (AMBUST with LOAN BOMB; HERE)
  8. Go Up & Down from Central Bank for interview session for 2 years long due to last working company's case and
  9. Jobless afterward due to most companies scare of their empire been invited for a Tea-Time at Central Bank.

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Friends, how about if I share with you the True & Truth Stories of a Village-Boy?
If someone experiences all the above and still can Move-On the life WITH NO EXCUSES Why Don’t You? HE,

  • been Awarded as outstanding employee with “Certified of Recognition” certificate by a US based company on Year 2006. (refer HERE)
  • Succeed to make an Income RM100K+ per annum on Year 2011 as employee. (refer Month 1-6, Month 7-12)
  • Fall-Down early year of 2013 due to company’s issue, losing all left with Debt worth RM57K, went broke afterward. But still can come back with RM32K++ within 8 months. (refer ACCT 1, ACCT 2, ACCT 3)
  • Graduate Student of Money Mastery Program, by Mr. KC See & Dr. Ernest Wong on 26-28th Oct 2013. (refer HERE)
  • Graduate Student of Real-Internet-Secret SEO Program, by Fabian Lim on 8-10th Nov 2013. (refer HERE)
  • Graduate Student of Online CPA Program, by G.Arno since Mar-Oct 2014
  • Co-Founder of Epic Journey Vacation, 7-Jan-2014 (left with personal-reason), (refer HERE)
  • Founder of eBook Online Malls, May 2015 (left with personal-reason)
  • Co-Founder of Apps Investment Online, July 2015 (left with personal-reason)
  • Graduate Student of SifuFBAds (FB Advertising), by Sifu Jamal 21-23rd Dec 2015 (refer HERE)

Anyway, after the closure of a book we need to start from somewhere with a new story book right?
So, here is where he started his

Year of 2016;

  • Agent of local's Lose Weight Product
  • IT Consultant & Support for few groups of leaders
  • Merchant: Buy & Sell Product through online mall
  • Product Review; Short Sharing Online

Year of 2017;

  • One of the owner for One2One App Resource Sdn Bhd (1210387-K)
    • Feel free to visit our Website, Facebook, Android, iOS
    • A company that started by 4 different field of background persons and worked as a team
    • A company that worked together with more than 5 years companies;
      • Baseron (M) Sdn Bhd (567578-A), since 2001
      • Mobile Windscreen Sdn Bhd (791573-K), since 2007
    • A mobile car services platform that offer services through mobile application
    • A service that comes to customer's door step
    • An idea that creates convenience simply by being easy and saves too for our consumers
  • General Manager for Acesse (M) Sdn Bhd (1212154-W)
    • Feel free to visit our Website.
    • A company that started to operate since 2008 by providing Hosting Server and Advertising Platform.
    • Evolved vision on 2014, joined into Technology World.
    • First 1.0 version mobile were launch on 2015 together with other products such; Bluetooth Speaker, Headphone, Tablet etc.
    • Established company in Malaysia on Jan 2017

– Are you still with me? Good! –

Does You Think That You still have a thousand of reasons to Give Excuses again after his experiences?
Yes, of course you have. Because you the one who decide how to live in this world, not others.
As promised, I share the Solution for you if you are still here.

Don’t be Lazy Pig Okay, Move Your Butt & Brain. There is NO 1 can help ourselves if we are too BUSY Thinking about EXCUSES.
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Sorry, this are Not a BullS*it Bedtime Stories. Let me tell you this, ALL People have their own stories; no one tell does not mean their life is better than us. Accept as it is, it’s YOUR DESTINY. You Fall Down Today, You Come Back Tomorrow after a rest with an Extra 25% Efforts.

“If we could not accept the challenge, what worth of living?”