Thinking of Giving Up on Your Hard Life?

Friends; Get the Point Right and I Give the ONE-STOP Solution at the end.

Who am I?

Before that, I would like to know;

  1. Is DEBT a Big Obstacle in Life?
  2. How about Credit Card?
  3. How about NO Education background?
  4. How about Can’t Afford to buy a meal?
  5. And, how about with just ONE Roti Kosong each day to cover daily meals for 2 years?
  6. Or has no penny to take public transport and walked 2 km just to back home every single night after worked for 1 year?
  7. And been kicked-out from a college due to No Cash to pay education fees, 12 years later a education loan program center called and said you owed them 13,000? (AMBUST with LOAN BOMB; HERE)
  8. Go Up & Down from Central Bank for interview session for 2 years long due to last working company's case and
  9. Jobless afterward due to most companies scare of their empire been invited for a Tea-Time at Central Bank.

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Friends, how about if I share with you the True & Truth Stories of a Village-Boy?
If someone experiences all the above and still can Move-On the life WITH NO EXCUSES Why Don’t You? HE,

  • been Awarded as outstanding employee with “Certified of Recognition” certificate by a US based company on Year 2006. (refer HERE)
  • Succeed to make an Income RM100K+ per annum on Year 2011 as employee. (refer Month 1-6, Month 7-12)
  • Fall-Down early year of 2013 due to company’s issue, losing all left with Debt worth RM57K, went broke afterward. But still can come back with RM32K++ within 8 months. (refer ACCT 1, ACCT 2, ACCT 3)
  • Graduate Student of Money Mastery Program, by Mr. KC See & Dr. Ernest Wong on 26-28th Oct 2013. (refer HERE)
  • Graduate Student of Real-Internet-Secret SEO Program, by Fabian Lim on 8-10th Nov 2013. (refer HERE)
  • Graduate Student of Online CPA Program, by G.Arno since Mar-Oct 2014
  • Co-Founder of Epic Journey Vacation, 7-Jan-2014 (left with personal-reason), (refer HERE)
  • Founder of eBook Online Malls, May 2015 (left with personal-reason)
  • Co-Founder of Apps Investment Online, July 2015 (left with personal-reason)
  • Graduate Student of SifuFBAds (FB Advertising), by Sifu Jamal 21-23rd Dec 2015 (refer HERE)

Anyway, after the closure of a book we need to start from somewhere with a new story book right?
So, here is where he started his

Year of 2016;

  • Agent/Affiliate for a Lose Weight Product
  • IT Consultant & Support for few groups of leaders
  • Merchant: Buy & Sell Product through online mall
  • Product Reviewing

Year of 2017;

  • One of the shareholder of One2One App Resource Sdn Bhd (1210387-K)
    • A company that started by 4 different field of background persons and worked as a team
    • A company that worked together with more than 5 years companies;
      • Baseron (M) Sdn Bhd (567578-A), since 2001
      • Mobile Windscreen Sdn Bhd (791573-K), since 2007
    • A mobile car services platform that offer services through mobile application
    • A service that comes to customer's door step
    • An idea that creates convenience simply by being easy and saves too for our consumers
    • Company officially dissolved on May 2018
  • Manager of Acesse (M) Sdn Bhd (1212154-W)
    • Feel free to visit our Website.
    • A company that started to operate since 2008 by providing Hosting Server and Advertising Platform.
    • Evolved vision on 2014, joined into Technology World.
    • First 1.0 version mobile were launch on 2015 together with other products such; ASUS Handphone, Bluetooth Speaker, Headphone, Tablet etc.
    • Established company in Malaysia on Jan 2017

Year of 2018;

  • Started from Scratch CarLab Malaysia Sdn Bhd (1281551-K)
    • registered on 31st May 2018
    • walking story begin here... 

– Are you still with me? Good! –

Do You Think That You still have a thousand of reasons to Give Excuse again after his experiences?
Yes, of course you have. Because you the one who decide how to live your life, not others.
As promised, I share the Solution for you if you are still here.

Don’t be Lazy Pig Okay, Move Your Butt & Brain. There is NO 1 can help ourselves if we are too BUSY Thinking about EXCUSES.
Nothing will happen if we keep Look See Look See for Scheme "Cepat Kaya" / "Fast-Money Scheme" My Friends.

Sorry, this are Not a BullS*it Bedtime Stories. Let me tell you this, ALL People have their own stories; no one tell does not mean their life is better than us. Accept as it is, it’s YOUR DESTINY. You Fall Down Today, You Come Back Tomorrow after a rest with an Extra 25% Efforts.

“If we could not accept the challenge, what worth of living?”