[Early Years]

I was born 02/09/81 and raised in Sabah, in the small town called Taman Pantai Lok Kawi then moved to Bandau as early as grade 5, Year 1993. I graduate secondary school at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Keningau, Sabah as Electronic Trainee.

So, here is how my working history began: while still under care of my parent, I started to work for my mom since grade 5 as “Bakery Trainee” until graduated & work in a small Computer Shop as “Technician Trainee”, Year 1999-2000.

I moved to Cheras, Kuala Lumpur in Year 2000 after received offered from a IT College and have lived in Cheras ever since until today.


Secondary School : SM Teknik Keningau, 1998-1999
Cybernetics IT College, 2000 – 2001 (advised to drop course due to study fees payment issues)
- 10yrs after, a sudden claiming letter received from 1 of the study loan provider mentioned there are a total of amount I never pay yet.
- Case has been brought-up to college since Nov 2012, somehow case still under pending status due to college need to run full investigation before can decide anything since these whole year the staffing has change a lot.
- End Up, case solved on 13/09/2013. Got my cert on the Semester 1 & 2 with the Grade stated CGPA 2.5 & 2.6.

[Day Jobs]

My works? Well, I’m kind of having worked for every types, position, environment & places for the past ten years.

Work path began when I was childhood, 10yrs old:
1993 – 1998: as Bakery Trainee, Bakery Factory
21/12/99 – 22/06/00: as Technician Trainee, Computer System Company
13/03/01 – 07/03/02: as Crew Trainer, Pizza Restaurant Company
14/03/02 – 11/05/02: as Sales Representative, Computer Branch Malacca
08/06/02 – 15/09/02: as Security Sergeant, Security Company
07/11/02 – 07/02/03: as General Worker, Carpet Company
24/05/03 – 31/08/03: as Promoter, Electrical Enterprise
01/09/03 – 31/05/04: as Cashier+Cleaner, Cyber Cafe
01/07/04 – 12/10/04: as Sales Promoter, Music & Record Company

US Advertising Company
14/10/04 – 10/02/06: Joined in, as Web Producer
10/02/06 – 11/06/07: Transfer Department, as Web Pre-Producer
30-10-2006: Honored, an Certificate of Recognition
11/06/07 – 07/02/10: Promoted, as Web Pre-Producer Team Leader
( Genting’s Gambler since 2009-2010, 1 year++ )

Gold Trading Company
01/03/10 – 31/05/12: as Data Analysis
01/06/12 – 15/04/13: as IT Program Assistant
*turnover financial, from -ve to +ve before company been raided.
- since that, everything from +ve have been revert back to -ve. Total Turnover financial story.

My New Journey as "INDEPENDENT MARKETER" began also known as "Online & Offline Multi-task Marketer" since 16/04/2013.
I'm kind of used with multi-tasking skill, due to not waste the skill I have involved into multi kind of field to fast-up my learning within half year.


 [How I Spent Year 2013-2015]

16/04/13 – 01/07/14: Within these periods, I have attended lot of seminar or preview. Grouping and Sharing to fast-up my learning as time don't wait people, we have to chase it. Whiles that, I also teach or sharing Internet Lesson within Kuchai Acesse Marketing Grouping. Meet-up more peoples and getting each other’s experiences.

07/01/14 - 30/08/15
End Up JV with friend on a Vacation Company, and I expend the sharing on this biz's concept till Bangkok. Those who follow my #JackieTiew fb timeline will notice this but still sharing is my main core in lifetime passion.

01/06/15 - 12/07/15
Time past quite fast, so we registered another company for selling eBook online. The ideas were not any brilliant idea, just a simple combination of my online theological with offline networking.

01/08/15 - 02/09/15
Without wasting more time, we registered another company which is also my last career in the group an company selling application. Shouldn't been stated as selling anyway, its an apps for people who trusted on investment and long-term earning. These ideas, I combine with my early half year learning from mobile's application advertising. Mobile advertising could make you money, but its quite tricky and it does make you money "IF ONLY YOU KNOW HOW?"

Oct 2015
Due to a personal matter, I took hard decision by leaving all these 3 companies and chase my dreams. Something does missing in the middle, thus I take decision to make a correction and find what has missing in the dreams of mine.

P/S: sorry for enclosing any name or website here due personal matter. You can email me for more details on this if it is matter for you reference.


01/10/2015 was #JackieTiew Independent Day's
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"You will get surprised on how a dropout student keep standing up once falling..."

Who I Am Today? What I Do? What I Share? How Am I?


You Chase What You Belief, NOT Because Other's Believe. Other's Opinion is NOT Your Opinion. Other's Point of View is NOT Your Point of View. Let Get the World's Reality.

"I Don't Care How Many Hours I have to Work in a day. I will NEVER Stop until the Result is Showing. Because My Dream is Bigger than my ability." - Jackie Tiew

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